About Us

ARroundplanetearth.com is about Ash and Ruth’s  travels around our awesome planet (the first two letters are our initials). We are a Filipino-British, baby boomers’ couple with a passion for travelling, exploring new places, meeting people, discovering and learning new things. Budget travels and DIY trips are our preferences.

Ruth has a degree in Tourism because it was her ambition to travel and see the world. She realised she would not be able to fulfill her dream by being just tied up in a desk job. She studied Nursing and after graduation, worked for several years in a private hospital in Manila.

Ash’s background is in Accountancy and has worked with a top bank in Manila. He finds it easier to work with numbers but now has challenged himself to learn and be involved in the tedious exercise but fine art of writing as part of his continual development – his “cool change.”


Ash and Ruth in Akranes, Iceland

We left our native Philippines in the early 2000’s and came to UK to start a new chapter in our lives. We have now settled and adapted to the British way of life but still learning a lot about our adopted country.

We have a teenage son, Dan who is on the last year of his pre-university course. Always armed with a mobile phone, he is our walking tours’ itinerary planner and navigator in our trips. He also developed an interest for travel and is always on the lookout for places to eat. As a family, we go together travelling and exploring, being rewarded in the process with unexpected discoveries and learning we will never have elsewhere.


Dan in Paris, France

The Blog

We created this website with the motto “Dream, Travel, Inspire” – in order to share our dreams of travelling and chronicle them with the aim of inspiring our readers. We will introduce some features in this blog to inspire and motivate others. We will also include guides, tips and even mistakes we’ve made so our readers can gain some insights about the joys and challenges of travelling.

Also, this blog will serve as our outlet to let and continue our creative juices flowing, if there are still any left and hold Mr. Alzheimer and his cohorts at bay.

The Future

We still have our full-time jobs and have not hung up our hospital uniforms yet, but we’re seriously considering life on the road as a couple in the future. Dan will go to university next year and we’re evaluating and weighing our options.

At present, our travels have been mostly quick tours confined to big cities. We’ll stay in a city for a day or two then moves on to another one. We want to travel to more exotic locations and off the beaten destinations in a slow and relaxed manner, possibly staying for a couple of weeks or more doing odd jobs on the side. We want to meet various people and immerse ourselves in their cultures.

With this blog, we aim to connect with people around the world with whom we share the same passion. We want to make new friends, exchange notes and possibly meet them on the road. We want to hear from you, please follow us and do get in touch.